Safety Information

Bear Creek Little League Safety Information

Bear Creek Little League is committed to the safety of our players, coaches, and volunteers. For this reason:

  • All teams have been supplied with brand new identical First Aid Kits that will be carried with the team at all times.
  • Each team is responsible to take inventory of items in the kit. Contact John Watkins for replacements of any of the contents by name and item number.
  • The concession stand also has been supplied with the same First Aid Kit.
  • Extra gloves and ice packs will also be stored in the concession stand.

We also have an AED machine for our league! This AED is being stored in the concession stand for anyone’s use should the need arise. 

  • For information on what an AED is and when to use it, CLICK HERE.
  • For more information about how to use the AED, please CLICK HERE

Lastly, a reminder about an important rule for our players:
No player is allowed in the on-deck circle in Little League Baseball at any level!  No player should have a bat in his hands inside the dugout at anytime.  This is a Little League International rule, not just a Bear Creek Baseball rule.  The only player with a bat should be the player walking to the plate for his turn at bat.  It is the coach’s responsibility to enforce this rule and remind players and parents about it.  If an umpire is there, he will enforce also.

Our 2017 Bear Creek Baseball Safety Manual is available for download here:

2017 bcbb Safety Manual

Thank you! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to one of the league officers.